Posted by: heatherandandybrown | December 2, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

After years of dreaming, and months of planning, we are finally embarking on our bike tour! Although we won’t be riding through the redwood forests of the Pacific Coast (because our house happened to sell in the Pacific rainy season) I am equally excited about the challenging journey that awaits. Everything happens for a reason and one huge benefit of biking a Southern route is that we will be riding through places that we probably never would have planned on visiting. We will eventually make it to the Pacific Coast, but for now we have to “row with the oars we have been given” and improvise.

On December 11th, we will push off through the cobblestone streets of Charleston, SC and head South. Our current plan has us following the coast through the state of Georgia to St. Augustine, FL. After sipping from the legendary Fountain of Youth we will point our tires West and trek across the Florida pan handle. Our plan is semi open-ended and we are unsure of how far West we will go. My goal is to make it to New Orleans. Who knows, we might even roll in during Mardi Gras!



  1. I am soo happy for you. Ever since fourh grade you have been the wimsical wonderful teacher that everyone loves!

    • All of that is so true!

  2. My dear well educated, inspiring, awesome, sensible, creative, artistic, funny, mermaid looking, hippie friend:
    We are so happy for you and Andy and the posibility of this great adventure that you are about to start; You guys inspire us and make us want to be 20 again, but since that is not possible, we will be content with you doing all that pedaling and sharing with us your amazing experiences. We will miss you very much, tell Andy that I downloaded the “woopie cushion app” just to remind me of his table maners and that we will forever be gratefull to the pride he taugh Carrick to have on every crepitus he makes in public.
    I want to wish you the best of the world, be safe, don’t over do it, please eat as many calories as you used up, rest, drink up, make sure to poop at least every other day and massage your tush to prevent from hurting your sciatic nerves (I’m stoping now, I’m starting to sound very old right now)
    Con mucho amor, besotes y abrazos, buena suerte.
    One more thing please change the name of the blog to Southern United States of America Bike Trip. Unless you are going to my dearest Argentinian Patagonia, (but when you do, we will join you)you are going to be in southern portion of North America.
    Love, hugs and kisses.

    • Thank you very much for the thoughtful advice. You guys mean the world to us and you will be coming on this trip with us in heart.
      Mucho amor y paz!
      -Heather and Andy

  3. If you can let us know about when you might get to Florida, maybe we can meet you up there for a night or whatever. Depends on when your here and if I can get off work a day or two to drive up. Good Luck and safe cycling.

    • That would be awesome! E-mail me your phone number and we’ll give you a call when we know when we are headed to FL.

  4. I hope you guys have fun and make your dream come true

  5. I am excited to here this! On December 11th I will be thinking of you on a nice bike ride living your dream! I hope you can make it to Mardi Gras!!!!

  6. Heather and Andy,

    We would like to wish you the best on your trip, safe but yet wild. We hope you have a wonderful time. You guys are a great couple and we are so blessed to have met you guys. We can’t wait to see all the pictures and to be able to travel with you on your great journey. Peace.

  7. Have fun and be careful. We’ll miss you guys!

  8. YAY!! I am so excited for you guys! I can’t wait to see you in New Orleans. PS – I told Santa to leave your stocking stuffers here. I am hanging stockings for the both of you. Please send any stocking requests (i.e. new toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, granola, or anything else you are missing during your journey) to my email. Santa has the password :). I love you both sooooo much and cannot wait til New Orleans. Call as often as possible, please. I’m gonna miss my gemini twin.

    • You are the sweetest 🙂 I’m going to miss you dearly Gemini Twin!! Counting down the days until New Orleans!!

  9. AB – very happy for you and the wife! I hope you guys enjoy this unique time to the utmost… safe travels my friend!

  10. You guys rock! Pedal faster… I hear banjo music.

  11. Hi Mrs Brown, We are so excited for you guys! We would love to follow you guys on your blog. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Amber says she misses you as her teacher 😉 Take care… The Spectors

    • I miss you too Amber!! I hope you are seizing every opportunity to share your artistic abilities with the world. You are very talented 🙂 I hope these couple weeks before Winter break fly by for you!
      Peace and love

  12. I cannot wait to hear about the ride! You guys should be proud of yourself! I could never bike all that way I would just die! Your list is sooo organized and LONG! I hope you have the best time ever!

  13. I’ve been telling everyone the name of your trip is HEATHER & ANDREW’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES! I can’t believe you guys rode 70 miles the first day! We hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. Miss you already! Give Ollie a lick for us. Talk to you soon. Love you two! RIDE ON!

    Mombo & Dad

  14. The weather sounds great where you are biking—so excited to read your next blog===I tell all my friends how proud I am of you and what wonderful people you are. love you===grandma

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