Posted by: heatherandandybrown | December 6, 2011

Packed & Loaded

We are fully packed and ready to roll! On Sunday, we loaded everything onto our bikes, put Ollie in his wagon and went for a 10 mile ride to test things out. Ollie was a great sport and laid down the whole time. He hasn’t jumped into the chariot on his own freewill yet, but every time we go for a ride he has seemed a little more comfortable.

Since this will be my first self-supported bike tour I was unsure about how the bike would handle with the extra load. Surprisingly, on level terrain it wasn’t much different than riding a regular bike…But as expected, going up hill is a totally different riding experience. Luckily, our route should be relatively flat!

Excluding water (which will add about 5lbs. or so for each of us) my pannier bags weighed a combined 40lbs. and Andy’s bags about 50lbs, not to mention Ollie’s wagon (23lbs) and Ollie (13lbs). When asked why we are taking Ollie, Andy’s response is “He is part of our family and I want him to come with us.”

Every item that we packed was carefully selected based on it’s weight, size, and how essential it is. Since we will be staying at campsites majority of the nights on our trip, camping supplies account for most of our bulk and weight. We learned from our European backpacking trip that clothes are heavy and space consuming so we are bringing a minimal amount of clothing and plan on “doing laundry” in sinks.

Here is a semi-complete list of what we will be taking with us:  BIKE TOUR PACKING LIST






  1. I am so excited for your adventure! I bet Ollie is, too. :)) Happy trails!

  2. I hope your adventure is Awesome!! I can’t wait to read all about it! I would love to see you before you leave!!!! Love, Jazzy

    • Thanks Jazzy! I would love to see you before we go, but we are leaving Saturday morning and we have a jam packed couple days before than. Maybe when we get back? Peace and love!

  3. You guys rock!! I hope you have the greatest time ever! I didn’t see baby powder or talc on your list – could be really handy.

  4. Andy,

    Have really enjoyed reading your posts and following your journey. Keep those updates coming.

    Did you weigh-in before you departed? How has your weight changed at all?

    • Hey Chris!

      Thanks for leaving the comment. Yes, we did weighed ourselves before. Haven’t got a scale with us to weigh ourselves again but we will as soon as we get back. All I know is my pants are fitting a lot better. Any fat lost might have just turned into leg muscles though. We have been eating a ton and plan to taste all the dishes from New Orleans.

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