Posted by: heatherandandybrown | December 16, 2011

Exploring Georgia’s Barrier Islands

DAY 3- 34.4 miles – Hardeeville, SC to Skidaway Island, GA – 2 hrs 37mins in the saddle – Sunny

DAY 4- 60.5 miles – Skidaway Island, GA to Eulonia, GA – 4hrs 48mins in the saddle – Sunny

DAY 5- 22.1 miles – Eulonia, GA to Sapelo Island, GA to Darien, GA – 1hr 55mins in the saddle – Sunny



The sunshine has been fueling our spirits and warming the air! We have had 3 magnificently sunny days on the road.

Instead of following the more direct route inland we opted to take a detour to some of Georgia’s Barrier Islands. Our first stop was Skidaway Island State Park outside of Savannah, GA.  Towering live oak trees covered in Spanish moss lined the park’s roads and nature trails. It felt almost jungle like with the immense green foliage and exotic birdsongs. The park offered a network of nature trails some of which lead to an an abandoned prohibition-era  liquor still, an observation tower that overlooked a vast marsh, and a Native American shell mound. Between our time on the trails and at our campsite we saw a plethora of birds, several deer, bats, a wild cat and a raccoon that circled our campsite.  The lack of light pollution and clouds created a magnificent sky to observe the Geminids meteor shower.

Early Thursday morning, we rode to the coast and hopped on a ferry that carried us to the historic Sapelo Island. The island was formerly owned by RJ Reynolds and several other wealthy businessmen, but now belongs to the state of Georgia. The island’s character and culture get their roots from West Africa where majority of the slaves who worked on the island were taken from. Our very knowledgeable and friendly tour guide, Fran, is the great grand-daughter of a slave and had many interesting stories to tell. Fran drove us around to the island’s points of interest including Reyonds Mansion, Sapelo Island Light House, the cultural center and through a nature preserve.

Whenever we ride by a marshy area our eyes are on the water hoping to catch a glimpse of a gator. We expected to surly see one riding down “Alligator Ally” but were sadly disappointed.  Our luck turned around when Fran took us to a small pond where we got a peak of a gator in its den. Our last hours on the island were spent walking up and down the deserted coastline collecting sand dollars and conk shells. Ollie loved the beach and had fun running from place to place smelling all of the new scents. We met some wonderful people on the island and on the ferry. One couple even offered to package and mail our delicate sand dollars home for us J

Thank you for all of your sweet comments and text messages. We really appreciate your support!

Peace and love,

Andy, Heather & Ollie



  1. Very cool. Love the pictures!

  2. Looks like great scenery and good roads. I sat through 30+ hours of powerpoints this week and kudos to both of you for just doing it!

  3. Heather and Andy, I missed the beginning of your trip, but caught up to date now… What a fabulous recount of your days adventure! Looking forward to following the remainder of your trip. We are heading south ourselves to Sarasota FL on Friday, Dec.. 23rd… wonder if we will see you as we travel south! Will keep an eye out for the tree of you… Happy Trails and Best Wishes to the three of you! Pat

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