Posted by: heatherandandybrown | December 25, 2011

Christmas on the Road

DAY 13-  34.6miles- Gainesville, FL to O’Leno State Park, FL – 3 hrs 0 mins in the saddle – Muggy & Windy

DAY 14-  25.7miles- O’Leno State Park, FL to Lake City, FL – 2 hrs 30 mins in the saddle – Cool & Mostly Cloudy


We hope that all of your Christmas dreams come true! Although we wish we were gathering with friends and family, our Christmas on the road hasn’t been half bad. We got to sleep in, enjoyed Starbucks for breakfast and plan on going to the movies tonight. Nothing compares to a home cooked Christmas dinner, but we will have the second best thing: a southern buffet. If we continue at the same pace we have been riding, we are approximatly half way to our goal- New Orleans. Since we left the coast, the terrain has gotten very hilly and the scenery not as exciting. We are looking forward to biking across the “pan handle” of Floridia and exploring the gulf coast.

Leaving Gainesville, we unexpectedly crossed paths with Ken, a photographer from New Orleans. He snapped some shots of us from the street as we rode past a gas station. A mile later down the road he pulled over and flagged us down. Ken said that he saw us riding down the road and loved the contrast of our getup. He wanted to take some more photos which we gladly agreed and appreciated. For the next few miles he captured some excellent shots, some even from the middle of the road!

Here is a photo/video montage that Ken created:

Isn’t it awesome! We are so thankful that we have this to remember our adventure by 🙂

Until next time,

Heather, Andy & Ollie




  1. Merry Christmas! You are amazing! I miss seeing you at school!

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