Posted by: heatherandandybrown | December 30, 2011

Middle of Florida

DAY 16-  42miles- Lake City, FL to Suwannee River State Park, FL – 3 hrs 14 mins in the saddle – Cool & Mostly Sunny

DAY 17-  53.4miles- Suwannee River State Park, FL to Monticello, FL – 4 hrs 46 mins in the saddle – Sunny & WINDY

DAY 18-  47.6miles- Monticello, FL to Tallahassee, FL – 4 hrs 2 mins in the saddle – Cool & Mostly Sunny

DAY 19- 50.8miles- Tallahassee, FL to Blountsville, FL – 3 hrs 58 mins in the saddle – Sunny


In Suwannee River State Park, we built our camp site with a highly engineered canopy made from a tarp as we expected heavy rain/thunderstorms that night and all the next day.  We expected the thunderstorms to prevent us from riding much the next day (it was 50+ miles to the next town with camping/hotels) and thought we would just take a day off at the State Park.  Our efforts kept us dry through the night and we lucked out because the rain stopped late in the morning.

We headed out on day 17 to face strong headwinds (11+mph with up to 33mph gusts) the entire day.  The 53.4 miles we road felt more like 100!  To top it all off we ended up in Monticello Florida which is Italian for “little mountain”.  They named it appropriately because it was one of our longest accents.

The next day we road to Tallahassee, home of the Florida State University Seminoles.  Based on the number of hills/climbs in Tallahassee we think that it must translate to “many hills”.  Whoever said that Florida was flat?  It sure hasn’t seemed like that lately.

Yesterday (Day 19) we decided to ditch the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) maps that had us heading North West to DeFuniak Florida and B-line it for the beach.  We felt like we had seen enough of rural Florida.  The ACA maps would have put us at the beach in about 5 more days but by altering our route using the Google Bicycle mapping system we could get there in two.  Before we headed out riding I told Heather that “there goes our chance of running into any other people that are also on a bicycle tour” since we are going off of the ACA routes.  It just so happened that 15 miles into our trek we saw two fully loaded riders in our rear view mirrors.  Jason and Amanda had been taking a break at a gas station when they saw us ride by.  They told us they jumped on their bikes to catch us.  We road with them for over 30 miles and learned that they had been riding from New York to Florida.  From Florida they were heading West to California.  They have been on the road for over 2 months and said we were only the second bicycle tour-ers they had seen on their entire trip.  It was awesome to ride with them and share stories.  We hope to run into them again along the way…possibly in New Orleans…which is getting close!

Today we are heading to the beach, specifically Panama City Beach.


Have a safe and exciting New Years!

Andy, Heather & Ollie



  1. That is so awesome that you ran into another couple like you guys, they even look like you guys. We hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year. Thank you for the updates its so wonderful to be there with you guys. Be safe.

    The DeRiggis

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