Posted by: heatherandandybrown | January 11, 2012

The End Is In Sight

Day 28- 5.2miles (around town) – Dauphin Island, AL – 32mins in the saddle– Warm & Sunny

Day 29– 43.6miles – Dauphin Island, AL  to Pascagoula, MS – 3hs 25mins in the saddle– Warm & Humid

Day 30- 28.7miles – Pascagoula, MS to Biloxi, MS- 2hrs 10mins in the saddle– Warm & Mostly Cloudy

Day 31– 55.4miles – Biloxi, MS to Slidell, LA – 4hrs 20mins in the saddle– Cloudy, Windy, & Rain (last 45mins)



3 States in 3 Days, Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana! We enjoyed a rest day in Dauphin Island by exploring a bird sanctuary and relaxing on the beach. Ollie went swimming in the ocean and we caught a glimpse of our second alligator. Leaving Dauphin Island, we ran into Nishant who left Seattle in May and is biking the whole perimeter of the United States. Best of luck to you!!

In Biloxi, we took turns going into The Hard Rock Casino to try our luck at some slots. Andy quickly lost his $10 while Heather was down and got back up to $10 and cashed out.

We found ourselves in “neutral territory” (Mississippi) for the BCS College Football game between Alabama State and Louisiana State. On our ride that day, Andy picked up a LSU flag off the side of the road so he saw it fitting to pull for them. Heather is a sucker for the underdogs so she cheered on Bama. If you didn’t catch the game, Bama shout out LSU…Roll Tide!

“If there was one thing you are carrying that you could exchange for something you left behind, what would it be and why?” -Pam

Andy: “If we were starting all over again I wouldn’t have brought our solar chargers since we only tried to use them twice and they didn’t work very well.  We were able to find enough outlets to keep all our electronics charged.  I would have rather brought a little tripod so I could have taken some more videos and steadier photos.”

Heather: “After 32 days of wearing nothing but sports bras, no make-up, and no jewelry, I wish I would have brought something feminine to make me feel pretty. Maybe a light weight skirt or necklace. I didn’t use my Nook at all and would have traded that out.” 

What city/town you would visit again in order to spend more time? -Sarah “If we were camping: Skidaway Island off the coast of GA. The massive live Oak trees draped with Spanish moss and the extensive network of nature trails were awesome. If we were beaching it: Pensacola Beach. It wasn’t overly touristy, had pristine beaches, and a fun atmosphere.” 

What was the best and worst parts of your journey? -Ben “The worst was definitely watching a dog get hit by a car. It wasn’t leashed in it’s yard and ran into the road. The best part was getting to spend so much quality time with each other and Ollie dog.”


Next time you hear from us we will be drinking a beer on Bourbon Street!

Andy, Heather, & Ollie

CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR ROUTE (You have to scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and click page2 to see the most recent part of our trip)



  1. Well guys I’m glad your getting closer to Nola. If I was betting, your on 90. Keep your eyes open for the Kia from Gainesville fla.

  2. You guys are down in the area I grew up in now! 🙂 Find yourself some good cajun cooking while you’re down there!

  3. Great win Heather!!! Have really been enjoying following the 3 of you! Mother nature has really blessed you with fab weather this winter! Have fun in New Orleans… have some pralines and moon pies! Peace out… Pat & Dave Grchan

  4. BTW… my parents used to spend the winters in Gulf Shores before the hurricane wiped out the Island several years back… Wonder how the rebuilding has been taking place. Since then Dad has passed on and Mom sold the big house for a much smaller one… great memories on Gulf Shores and going to Biloxi with them gambling… Peace Out!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! We have enjoyed following you (and I have enjoyed living vicariously through you)! 🙂 Maybe Pat and I will do this when we retire! haha!

  6. Beer on Bourbon Street? Don’t miss the Hurricanes! Is NOLA truly the end or are you heading to the zoo in San Diego?

  7. Really enjoyed following your journey online. I was listening to .net rocks this morning and thought of you. Maybe we can try to attend a .net conference this year. Microsoft’s Build perhaps?

  8. Heather and Andy — still keeping my eye on you! What an unbelievable trip! Keep on biking!

  9. Hey Andy and Heather! Sounds like it’s been an amazing 11 hundred – no, can’t forget the 29+ or the headwinds that made it feel like so many more!! – 1,129.3 miles! You’ve earned that beer and a hurricane to boot! Go Ollie Dog! 🙂

  10. Andy and Heather

    I am so proud of you both and of course Ollie!! Love reading your daily blogs and looking forward to the final entry when you make it to Colorado!! How are you guys going to celebrate ? Love Aunt Jill and Uncle Gary

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