Posted by: heatherandandybrown | February 9, 2012


We asked for snow and we got snow! About 3 ft of the fluffiest snow I’ve ever seen. Fortune would have it that we were already moved in and a little bit settled before the snowstorm came through.

Andy and his father took advantage of the fresh powder and went skiing in Loveland. They met up with Andy’s half brother, Mark, and his two kids Matthew and Emily who live in Greeley (about 2 hours away). They returned with no injuries and all smiles. My inaugural ski will have to wait until my eye infection goes away.

The next morning, we woke up to even more snow and created a sledding run beside our house. By the end of the day, we managed to break both of our sleds. It might have been the “ramp” at the end that launched us in the air or the fact that they aren’t rated for adults. Here is a video that Andy took of me going down the run:


Almost every morning we have been treated to a visit from our local deer. They see us  through the windows long before we can spot them. They seem unaffected by us and continue to lounge under the trees in our backyard or search through the snow for something to nibble on.

After about a week, almost all of our boxes are unpacked and our house is starting to feel more like a home. Work starts soon, but until then we will enjoy our mountain vacation.

Off to end the evening with a glass of wine next to a crackling fire.

Peace and love,

Heather, Andy & Ollie



  1. Andrew and Heather—your beautiful writeup makes me wish I was able to slide down hill and skii but just are enjoying your great pictures and neat home and the deer—amazing they aren’t scared of anything……so happy for both of you in your dreamland—love grandma

  2. awesome…. beautiful…. glad to hear you’re both doing well….
    God bless,
    Cindy & Tom

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