Posted by: heatherandandybrown | February 21, 2012

Exploring the Trails

The past week and a half we have had fun exploring slices of the Evergreen area.  There are SO many trails and parks within minutes of our house… our little Winter Wonderland.

We went Skiing at Echo Mountain (about 40mins away) and had a blast. It was my first time skiing and the day was a roller coaster of emotions. Before I got the hang of slowing down or turning, sliding on my butt was my go-to move. By the end of the day I was able to get down (most) of the hill without falling. Andy was a great teacher and hung out with me on the greens until I was exhausted. No broken bones or concussions…a successful first ski in my book. At the end, Andy did a couple runs down the terrain park and got some impressive air on the jumps. He continues to amaze me!

I have really enjoyed getting bundled up and going on a trek through the woods. With the ground covered in a  blanket of snow the forest seems so clean and peaceful. Yesterday we discovered a beautiful hike right down the road with plunging cliffs and mountain vistas. We don’t have to go far to go on a hike though, the house that we are renting is on three quarters of an acre, enough to make short trails in our backyard. Our property also has a lot of downed trees that Andy has cut up into firewood and has even carved some into furniture! In the album below, there is a photo of a coat-tree that he made.

Unfortunately, there are currently no teaching positions available in the county that we live in, in part because of the time of year and also due to budget cuts. I applied for a substitute position and have orientation tomorrow. I met with a local principal and she assured me that I could have a sub job everyday if i wanted because majority of the subs do not live in the mountains and do not want to commute up here. I think this will be a good opportunity to feel out the local schools and get my foot in the door. I’m looking forward to getting back in the classroom.


Peace and Love,

Heather, Andy & Ollie



  1. Looks like you guys are really enjoying the outdoors! So glad that you got to ski! Sounds like things are going really well! Love to you both -Cortney

  2. We are so glad everything is working out perfect for you guys, even the weather is on your side. Hopefully by the end of the snow season Heather will be a pro on the skies. I’m looking at your pictures and everything looks really peacefull, pure and quite; do you hear any wildlife sounds?
    I’m sure that once you start working at any school, they are going to hire you for a permanent position if not they will be missing out too much.
    The girls are so happy with the treasures you sent them, I think they already wore everything, thank you so much for thinking about the girls. They are working on a little proyect to send you, so you will provably get it in the next few days.
    We love and miss you guys, keep your dream alive and keep sharing it with all of us.
    Lorena, Carlos, Layla, Chloe and Carrick.

  3. Love the coat rack you made! Great talking to you.
    Love Mombo

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