Posted by: heatherandandybrown | February 29, 2012

An Unpacked House

We wish we could personally give you a tour of our little mountain home, but until you can make it out here we invite you on a virtual tour! 




  1. Heather, what a beautiful home! seems so warm and cozy. I love the built in cubes/ where your table is. There is so much light coming in thru all those windows, I love it!
    I was looking at the picture of Andy working at the temporary desk and I could picture him having a hard time concentrating in his work with all that stuning nature stareing at him thru the window, almost inviting him to go out and play.
    I’m very happy for you guys, but we really, really miss you. You bouth are such great friends and so full of life and adventure, you make us feel young and exciting when were toguether. Hopefuly we will see you soon.
    Love, Lorena, Carlos, Layla, Chloe and Carrick.

  2. You guys have such amazing natural light in your house! I love it.

    • Me too! During the day we don’t have to turn a single light on. The sunshine also warms up the house nice. When we go to buy, big windows are a must!

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