Posted by: heatherandandybrown | March 27, 2012

Hiking, Camping, & The Great Outdoors!

Like most of the country, we have had unusually mild temperatures these past several weeks. Our last snow (and precipitation) was March 1st, about a month ago. Needless to say, it is extremely dry and we have been placed under a fire warning.  A couple days ago fierce winds carried an ember from a prescribed burn, by the Forest Service, to a nearby forest where it started a fire that has now grown to over 3,000 acres News Article and Photos. Our house is about 8 miles, as the crow flies, from the fire’s perimeter. We have added our cell phone numbers to the local alert/evacuation system and check the news regularly for any updates (So don’t worry mom!). In NC we had tornadoes & hurricanes and here we have blizzards and fires; You can’t avoid Mother Nature’s reach!

Andy and I joke that we will be tanner living in the mountains than we were when we lived by the coast. The warmer weather has been beckoning us to the great outdoors. Most everyday after work, we are both “playing” outside. Andy continues to cut down dead trees in our yard and has several woodworking projects in the works. I recently finished constructing a sidewalk out of stones found on our property and have started preparing a flower/garden bed. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and to learn more about planting in this area I joined the Evergreen Gardening Club.


 Our “Wander Lust” has gotten the best of us and last weekend we set out in search of an outdoor adventure. Our drive lead us to the continental divide, near the town of Salida CO, about 2.5 hours away. Andy, Ollie, and I hiked up to the high elevation Lake Boss. The road that lead to the trail-head was not plowed so our hike ended up being a little longer than planned, but it was a pleasant  60 degrees and the views were amazing. We took turns carrying Ollie over unpacked snow (at times 3 feet deep!) and he got to ride in my jacket for the last mile or so of decent.

We camped along the Arkansas River and in the morning explored the desert like terrain near the campsite. We climbed up to a beautiful rock formation were spectacular distance views awaited. After packing up camp, we came across a 4-wheeling trail that went several miles through the San Isabel National Forrest. The trail was bumpy, windy, and FUN to drive on!


Thank you for reading!

Peace and Love,

Heather, Andy & Ollie



  1. You are making it VERY appealing to move out west next!!

  2. Lots of great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your commentary and pictures! I am hoping Gary and I can come and see you next year. For now just love getting your emails.

    Love Aunt Jill

  4. Nice job on the walkway… these pictures are awesome! Have fun and take care… love and peace out!!! Pat and Dave

  5. Hello,

    this is a weird message, but I saw your route map in wordpress and I really like it!
    Could you please tell me how you made that and then add it to your website? I have a hard time finding a route map to add to my blog, but I really, really would like to have one for my next trip.

    Thank you very much!

    Nadine (Holland)

    • Thank you! I used Google Maps, created a different layer for each day of our trip, alternating the colors, and hyperlinked the web address to our blog. If you search “How to create layers in Google Maps” there are some good tutorials. Good luck and happy travels 🙂

      • Thanks you very much!
        I al already trying to do it. Pretty difficult, but at least I know now I am on the right track 🙂

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