Posted by: heatherandandybrown | June 8, 2012

Happy Spring!!

Budding Antlers and Wild Flowers

When we first moved to Evergreen, everyone said “You think it’s beautiful here in the Winter… just wait until Spring!” Now we know what they are talking about… the bird migrations, the beautiful wildflowers that paint our yard, increased wildlife and mostly: THE WEATHER! Highs in the low 70s, little to no humidity, no bugs and lots of sunshine! In Charlotte, we would get teased with a week or two of this wonderful windows-open weather before hibernating in air conditioning, so we are really looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors this Spring and Summer.

A lot has happened since we last posted… we both got a year older (sigh), Heather’s sister & brother visited on their way to Aspen (which we tagged along for, for a night), Andy’s parents visited from NY, we went back to Charlotte for a week, and Andy’s brother is visiting with us now. While Andy’s parents were here we went to Garden of the Gods, road the Cog Railway up to Pike’s Peak, and spent a weekend in Steamboat Springs visiting with Andy’s two half brothers and their families. Even though we moved over 1,000 miles from home, it has been awesome getting to spend so much time with family and friends, here in Colorado and in North Carolina.

Parmalee Elementary

A wonderful bit of news: Heather got a teaching position for next school year teaching Kindergarten and first grade at a local elementary school. She is absolutely in love with the school! It is very small, only 11 classroom teachers, and is the academically gifted school for the area. She is very excited about teaching the little ones and is already preparing stuff for her new classroom.

With more storage space, it has been easier to brew more batches of yummy homebrew. So far we have brewed 5 different batches: Evergreen Honey Porter, Front Range Pumpkin, Anniversary Ale (Coffee Stout), Heather Fraoch- brewed with Heather tips, and Little Cub Wheat.

Our first draft home-brew

Heather also has a batch of Hobo Wine fermenting, made from cran-raspberry frozen juice concentrate. Andy spent weeks building a “keezer” (freezer converted into a keggerator) so we can enjoy our homebrews on-tap and not have to hassle with bottling.

We love having company so if you are thinking about taking a vacation to the Rockies we would love to have you!

Lots of peace and love,

Heather, Andy & Ollie




  1. Looks like you are having a great time in Colo. Enjoyed all of your pictures, some beautiful shots. Looks like your mom and dad were really enjoying their visit, also Matt. Thanks for having me on the list, do enjoy reading the notes. Thanks, and have a good night. love Aunt Shirley

  2. It sounds like you are having fun. I hope I can come and visit you soon. I really miss you!

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