Posted by: heatherandandybrown | July 31, 2012

Lake Jefferson, Colorado

Lake Jefferson

This past weekend, Andy, Ollie, our friend Dave, and I camped for 3 days on Lake Jefferson. The lake sits at 10,500 ft elevation and is stocked with a variety of fish. We canoed our gear across the lake and hiked it into the woods about a half a mile from the shore. Our campsite was very secluded; we had the whole woods to ourselves!

A pooped pup

Ollie was a trooper and hiked all the way around the lake with me while Andy and Dave were casting out their fishing lines. Excluding the mid-day thunderstorms, the afternoon temperatures were very pleasant. At night time, the temperatures dropped to around 40 degrees, making for very chilly evenings. A campfire would have been a welcome addition to our nights, but the area is still under a fire-ban. Dave engineered a genius alternative and heated rocks on his camp stove for us to hold in our hands and laps to stay toasty.

Adventurer Andy

On Sunday, Andy ventured out on a solo hike up to two peaks that overlooked the lake (the last photos are from his hike). A storm rolled in while he was on one of the peaks and he had to sprint down the side to seek shelter. Unfortunately, during his frantic race, his smartphone  fell out of his pack. He wasn’t on a trail at the time, so it is very unlikely that anyone will come across it.


Minus Andy’s close encounter, we had an amazing time and plan on making a return trip very soon!

Peace and love,

Heather, Andy, and Ollie




  1. I’m really jealous now! I just spent a week in Durango with a friend and had a hard time leaving! I can totally see why you “flew the coop”!!

    Living vicariously through you- Cammie 🙂

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