Posted by: heatherandandybrown | February 25, 2013

A year in Colorado!

It’s hard to believe that a couple weeks ago we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of moving to Colorado. We have grown roots in the Rockies and can’t imagine living anywhere else. We do miss our families out East, but enjoy spending quality time with them when we visit.

We have been busy these past couple months, so we’ll let the photos do most of the talking…

– We found a beautiful black lab puppy. No one claimed her, so we kept her and named her Lucy Mae 🙂

– Rochester, NY for Thanksgiving. with a quick visit to Niagara Falls.

– We cut down our Charlie Brown Christmas tree on our property

– Lots of skiing. We have been to Arapahoe Basin 3-4 times, Vail, Loveland, and Andy has been to Keystone and Breckenridge to chase powder

– Charlotte, NC for Christmas. Saw a Panther’s game

– Heather went to Kansas City to visit her sister’s family and new baby boy Lincoln Douglas Stern

– Andy’s dad came out for 2 weeks to visit

– Ice Skating on Lake Evergreen. It is the largest groomed outdoor rink in America!

– Biggest snow storm of the year… over a foot and still snowing.


We put an offer in on a house, so hopefully by  next post we will be in our new home 🙂

Lots of Peace and love,

Heather, Andy, Ollie & Lucy Mae



  1. Thanks so much for the update! Its always a breath ofnfresh air, and gets me excited about Durango in July!! Preston is growing up- 5’7″ 165#! He’s officially a teenager now. 🙂 Thanks again for being part of our “village” along the way! Keep us posted on your house. Take care!

    • My mother would not like my “its” and my typos. :/ haha

  2. Heather and Andrew—loved all the pictures and update on what you are doing===so excited about youir new home—hope it goes thru soon. anxious to visit colorado!! you and andrew are amazing and proud of all your ventures. andrews grandfather-greg would love to live there with all the wild animals . must have gregs blood in his body too. i am doing good===cortneys birthday today===she is such a great person to have here and takes care of me===don’t think i could live here by myself. she is still working on her masters degree and will be done last of august for online course==she is also working to so has a heavy load. have a good day. love grams

  3. Looks like you are enjoying your time

  4. Sounds like a great (and snowy) year. Miss you guys!

  5. Mrs. Brown, you were here?!?! In Charlotte?!?
    And what Panther game did you go to? Because I went to all of the except one! Maybe we were at the same game and we didn’t even know it!!

  6. Mrs. Brown,

    I hope you are having a fun time in Colorado! I miss you.


    Jasmine Wyatt

    Peace, Love, and 🙂

  7. School is going good. I got all A’s for the 1st quarter and A’s and B’s last quarter!
    My dad an I went to that game too!!
    My mom says I have “shot up” sense this summer. I am about 5’5 – 5’6!!

    • Yea I’m going to try out for volleyball next year.

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