Posted by: heatherandandybrown | September 15, 2013

Flood of 2013!

CO has seen a crazy amount of rain this week… and it’s STILL raining. Luckily, our house is well above the water level. We have a stream, at the front of our property by the road, that has flooded part of our yard. Usually a steady trickle, our “stream” has grown into a river. Our driveway/covert seems to be holding up well, but some of our neighbor’s driveways have been flooded or washed away. Earlier today, Andy, Lucy, and I went for a walk down Upper Bear Creek Rd. (1/4 mile from our house) which follows along Bear Creek. The road was impassable about a half a mile down with significant flooding and structure damage. Most of the buildings in downtown Evergreen have escaped water damage, but our favorite bar/restaurant, “Cactus Jack’s,” is the first building downstream from the dam and was flooded.

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS (Click on first photo to see captions on right describing where photo was taken. Black framed photos are from our local news station)


Here is a YouTube video of some clips I took of our yard and down the street:



  1. Yikes that’s crazy! I’ve been hearing about this, glad to hear you guys are doing ok. Here’s hoping the rain stops. Stay dry!

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