Posted by: heatherandandybrown | October 10, 2013

Subaru turned Camper

IMG_20131001_183616This past weekend Andy, the dogs, and I went on a foliage hunt around the mountains of Colorado. Setting out we had no plans of where we were going to drive or where we wanted to camp. 200 miles later… we ended up at a creek side primitive camping site off of Guanella Pass (a 11,669 ft. high mountain pass located in southwestern Clear Creek County). We slept for the first time on the platform Andy built that turns the Subaru into a camper. We had a blast andIMG_20131009_124254 stayed relatively warm despite the dashboard reading 28 degrees right before we went to bed. The Aspen colors weren’t the best this year because of the high rainfall, but the fresh snow-capped views made the trip worthwhile.




  1. You guys are awesome … live your life on your terms!!

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  2. What a fun time! Puppies looked comfy!

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